MEM Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The Master Engineering Managment (MEM) is a 30-credit hour degree with a curriculum that aims to transform engineers into exceptional leaders in their field. The integrative curriculum includes core courses that teach leadership, engineering management, business, and public policy. This unique curriculum is made possible by combining courses taught by faculty experts from the College of Engineering, John Glenn College of Public Affairs, and The Fisher College of Business.

The MEM can be completed at a student's desired pace in as little as 16 months. Most students elect to take one or two courses per semester and complete the degree in about two-three years.

Core Courses (15 cr hrs)

Students must complete these required core courses.

ENGR 6210 Leadership and Team Effectiveness (3 cr)

ENGR 6220 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Engineers (3 cr)

ENGR 6230 Technology Strategy and Innovation Management (3 cr)

ISE 6801 Project Management for Engineers (3 cr)

ISE 5760 Visual Analytics for Sensemaking (3 cr)

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Capstone Course (3 cr hrs)

The capstone course is a culminating experience providing students the opportunity to solve real-world challenges by utilizing skills learned from the MEM courses, while implementing the principles of operational excellence and lean systems in an organization. In this course students complete a process improvement project in their organization to address a problem that involves cost, quality, delivery or a combination of these. Learn more.


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Electives (12 cr hrs)

The elective courses provide opportunities for students to enhance their engineering management skills in areas of sustainability, global supply chains, risk analysis, policy, and data analytics. Students select courses from the following to fulfill the electives portion of the curriculum. Students must take at least 3 credit hours (but no more than 6 credit hours) in Engineering.

Students must take at least 3 credit hours of engineering electives:

ENVENG 6600 Assessment for Human Rights and Sustainability (3 cr)

ENVENG 5600 Science, Engineering and Public Policy (3 cr)

ISE 5810 Lean Sigma Foundations (4 cr)*

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Students select from the following to complete the electives portion.

PUBAFRS 5610 Innovation, Policy, and the Global Economy (3 cr)

PUBAFRS 5750 The Business-Government Relationship (3 cr)

PUBAFRS 5770 Risk and Decision Analysis in Public Affairs (3 cr)

PUBAFRS 6050 Management in Public Agencies (4 cr)

PUBAFRS 6060 Managerial Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3 cr)

PUBAFRS 6075 Data, Models & Evaluation (3 cr)

MBA 6233 Operations Management (3 cr)*

BUSMHR 7244 Negotiation (3 cr)*

MBA 6273 Data Analysis for Managers (3 cr)*

MBA 6253 Marketing Management (3 cr)*

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Please Note: Any courses marked with an * are not yet available in online format. They can be taken on campus if you live locally until the online version becomes available. Contact the program for further information.